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Our story begins as two young friends growing up in New Zealand over two decades ago, long before Manuka Brothers, bee advocacy, or sweet raw Manuka Honey.
World renowned for her glorious wildlife, natural beauty, and ancient remedies, growing up in New Zealand afforded us both the unique opportunity to both witness the power of Mother Nature and all of her creatures, but also the bounty that she is capable of providing her inhabitants. Some of the greenest greens and sweetest fruits are found in New Zealand, and as a country and culture, we celebrate and embrace all our land provides.
As children, we were raised and exposed to one of New Zealand’s most prized natural products: Honey.
From a young age, we were blessed to have beekeepers in our lives and became keenly aware of the importance of bees and their impact on our Earth. We were taught thoughtful and respectful honey gathering practices, proper care for hives, and a deep love and appreciation for the impact that bees have on our lives.
As our knowledge deepened, so did our advocacy and our passion for preserving bees. Realizing that the majority of the world was blind to the impact that bees have on agriculture, the environment, and sustainable farming, we set out to create a platform that both preserved bees as well as spread understanding and uproar over current bee populations. And what better way to do that?

Manuka Honey from New Zealand.

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Sweet, pure, and brimming with countless holistic benefits, Manuka Honey was introduced to us by several of our beekeeper friends as children, and our lives were never the same. We were fascinated by how many countless benefits raw Manuka Honey provided: Improved digestion, soothing properties for throats and wounds, acne improvement, gastric ulcer relief, Cystic Fibrosis symptom treatment, among so many others. New Zealand Manuka Honey seemed like the perfect way to heal the world – literally.
Throughout the years, we have donated thousands of dollars to several “Save the Bees” charities by donating from every jar of Manuka Brother’s certified and batch tested raw Manuka Honey. Our certifications ensure that accurate Manuka MGO levels are reached, and our donations ensure that our most precious commodity in the natural world is preserved: Bees.

Whether you found us through our bee advocacy, or you were simply researching the health benefits of raw New Zealand Manuka honey, we welcome you to our passion. Our story might of started as two young friends growing up in New Zealand, but it has expanded to a commitment to millions of tiny miracle workers that hold the future of the world in the balance. To care for our bees is to care for our world, and with every Manuka Brother’s raw Manuka Honey purchase, you are getting the ultimate sweet deal: Luscious, medicinal, and sustainable honey production paired with a pledge to help save the bees. If you are reading this now, it is very likely you consider yourself a friend to the bees...

...and any friend of the bees is a friend of ours.

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